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Interdisciplinary Symposium on Osteoporosis (ISO) 2022
Virtual Event

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Registration is closed! Enjoy ISO2022!

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Symposium on Osteoporosis (ISO2022)
brought to you by the Bone Health & Osteoporosis Foundation (BHOF).

Join experts in Bone Health for VIRTUAL educational and networking sessions to advance your knowledge and career.

  • ISO2022 will be held VIRTUALLY from May 5-7, 2022 (Thursday to Saturday).
  • FLS Basic and FLS Advanced Workshop will be held VIRTUALLY on Wednesday, May 4, 2022.

Expert faculty lead the courses on all areas of bone health assessment, osteoporosis diagnosis and patient management, exercise, nutrition, and post fracture care as well as other specialty topics.

This year’s ISO2022 Program will include the following topics.
• Vitamin D
• Treating Osteoporosis in the Absence of a "Formal" (T-score) Diagnosis
• Update of Parathyroid Disease (Hyperparathyroidism and Hypoparathyroidism)
• Update on Diet and Nutritional Supplements in Metabolic Bone Disease
• Racial Disparities in Metabolic Bone Disease
• Evaluation and Management of Bone Health in MGUS, Multiple Myeloma and Cancer
• Falls Risk Assessment
• Bone Health in Pediatrics and Adolescents
• FRAX adjustments/FRAX 2
• Perioperative bone health
• Update on Anti-Resorptive Therapy
• Treating the Oldest Old
• Vertebral Augmentation
• Bone Biology Basics (physiology, remodeling, modeling)
• Bone Health in Men
• New approaches to exercise in osteoporosis and (vertebral) fracture patients
• Celiac Disease and Bone Health
• Steroids/Medications that are Bad to the Bone
• Bone Health and Fractures in the Athlete (RED-S, etc)
• Update on Anabolic Therapy

ISO2022 offers educational sessions and networking opportunities to benefit many medical disciplines and specialties working with patients who have and/or are at risk for osteoporosis and fractures.

Learn from extensive case studies that provide real world scenarios, and:

  • Receive CME/CE credits offered for healthcare professionals
  • Earn the Fracture Liaison Service (FLS Basic or FLS Advanced) Certificate of Completion
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